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Hello there!! Welcome to the final blog (it’s tragic I know). Doesn’t time fly when we’re having fun?


However, I am totally confident that I have saved the best for last with my final blog post.

Without further adieu, let’s sink our teeth into the third DICE conference ‘Get Digital’ which took place at the Helix in April 2017.

Inspired by Charles Darwin, I have decided to pick the theme of evolution for my third and final blog. According to Darwin,

‘it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’

In my opinion, these sage words apply not just to the human species, but also to the young digital innovators of today. If entrepreneurs are not on the cutting edge of technology, they risk being left behind. Read this fascinating article to learn how Netflix managed to innovate within the entertainment industry




As Dr. Johnny Walker, CEO and founder of Health Founders,  burst onto the stage, buzzing with energy and radiating enthusiasm, I knew that we were in for a treat. His speech was short, sweet, and full of passion. Find him on Twitter, LinkedIn and the Health Founder website.




medi-counts-focusDr. Walker wishes to empower the patient and make us custodians of our own medical data. Rather than going to the doctor when we are sick, Walker wishes to create an ecosystem where the pharmacy is our first port of call, followed by the nurse, then the doctor and finally a specialist only if necessary. If we handle our health care in this proactive manner, problems will be caught much earlier on and the strain on the health care system will dramatically decline. Walker considers his business plan to be ‘a tsunami of consumer-led disruption’


Since leaving Australia, Walker has certainly become an honorary Irishman, completing the prestigious Enterprise Ireland Leadership 4 Growth Programme. Watch the video below to hear Walker talk about his move to Ireland. In, particular, his view on Ireland’s rate of Corporation Tax is interesting:


Follow this link to read an excellent interview with the man himself, Dr. Johnny Walker.




Upon further research, I found out that Ireland, now has a special start-up program called ‘FutureHealth’, designed to digitize our healthcare system and to ‘make patients CEOs of their own health’. It seems that the future of our health lies in the hands of tech entrepreneurs. In my opinion, this is a good thing due to the development of apps including ‘Transplant Buddy’ and ‘TickerFit’ which allow patients to monitor their own health, saving hundreds of euros on doctor bills and check-ups.




Next up onto the stage was David Erixon, a native Swede and currently Head of Digital and Customer Innovation at Ulster Bank. Erixon spoke passionately about how our banking industry is at a crossroads due recent progressions in technology such as mobile banking.



counting-money-2In Sweden only 2% of total currency in circulation is physical. In contrast, 75% of all retail transactions in Ireland are conducted using physical currency. These figures are especially shocking because Sweden has the oldest central bank in the world.


Erixon wishes to deliver the customer a system in which the consumer is in charge and all banking data is presented together to give one aggregated picture of financial health. Read this article to learn about the future of mobile banking technology.

‘The challenge for banks isn’t becoming ‘digital’ – its providing value that is perceived to be in line with the cost on better yet, providing value that consumers are comfortable paying for’ – Ron Shevlin



The future of the banking industry will not require banking counters, ATMs or even overdrafts. 



On the day on writing, Ulster Bank has just announced the closure of 22 more branches, stating that an average of only 30 customers per day utilize these branches. Last year 62% of customer interactions where digital, compared to 10% in branches.

Do you fulfill your banking needs online? Answer the poll below to find out more:


Banks must evolve in order to progress. Therefore, Exiron believes that the future of Ulster Bank lies in a 24/7 functional app. The wealth of the future lies in the young generation who trust technology more than the current banking system. Personally, I rarely set foot in my local AIB branch, I use their mobile banking app instead.

Watch this informative video to learn about the future of banking as we know it. Banks must evolve, or they will be left behind.




The third and final speaker was Alistair Croll, author of the book ‘Lean Analytics’ and a public speaker with over 20 years’ experience.




Croll knew exactly how to create a rapport with the audience and began his talk by telling us all discontinuities – i.e how an unexpected or unforeseen event can totally confound all earlier expectations. Discontinuities reveal new markets, creating new users for a product or service who can no longer imagine their lives without it. How often do you say the words ‘I can’t live without my phone’ despite the fact that you have lived for many years without one?


Croll challenged us by questioning how innovation may go too far. Will we lose our jobs to robots? This article certainly seems to think so, along with 66% of the American population. Technological development in recent years have also been linked to so-called ‘despair deaths’.


These articles made me wonder if too much innovation is actually bad for our health.

Every action has an unexpected consequence. If I choose to stop traffic at a pedestrian crossing, I may be making somebody late. If you order a chicken sandwich for lunch at 12.30, you may disappoint someone who tries to get the last chicken sandwich at  3.30. Croll emphasized the message that we can never predict the future, and how people will react to a particular situation.

After Croll’s talk, I left the Helix with a must stronger sense of responsibility as a budding entrepreneur. I realise that I must take every precaution necessary to ensure that my product is not misused or abused in any way.  

To conclude this post, in my opinion, ‘Get Digital’ symbolized the theme of evolution.



Echkhart Tolle once said the infamous words ‘Evolve or die’ and this quotation certainly rings true for Alistair Croll, Dr. Johnny Walker and David Erixon and everyone who took part in ‘Get Digital’.

However, these words also ring true for both this blog and my own life in DCU. My writing style has evolved, along with my thoughts, my opinions, and even my personality which have all helped to shape this blog.

c4oifi-wqaux_3jWhen I attended the first conference ‘Get Started’ back in November 2016, I was a shy and un-opinionated first year who had not yet settled into college life. I feel that this is reflected in my first blog. My words are hesitant and my thoughts are undeveloped.


The second blog showed a more confident and opinionated writer who was still searching for her own style.

2016-12-05 14.05.33 HDR

As I write my final words on this blog, I have evolved. I now use this blog as a tool in fleshing out my ideas and airing my opinions on everything business related.  So, while the curtain may have closed on DICE, it has only opened for me as a young, budding entrepreneur. I hope you have enjoyed taking this journey with me and enjoyed this blog on the conference ‘Get Digital’.

Feel free to leave a comment below and share this post with your friends across social media!

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